Cycling Peaks WKO+ training software

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WKO+ is a powerful desktop analysis software that takes the data from your power meter and helps you translate it into the best training and racing strategy for you. And if you're a coach, WKO+ will give you cutting-edge analysis tools to analyze your clients' power data.

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Match your training to your event
Measure the neuromuscular power demands of cycling using Quadrant Analysis™ (QA™), a series of algorithms designed by Hunter Allen and Dr. Andrew R. Coggan. QA will enable you to compare the unique velocity vs. force wattage demands of a course against the way that you ride so that you can train specifically to meet the demands of your event.

Peak when it matters
When will your athletic performance be at its peak? Is your training load high enough? Should you start tapering now? The Performance Management Chart™ (PMC™) will answer these questions and more. Using trademarked metrics like Training Stress Score™ (TSS™) that were pioneered by our co-founders, the PMC will quantify your training load and help you plan your season perfectly so that you’re at your best on race day.

Compare workouts
Compare data from different athletes, workouts, or various ranges within one workout with Multi-File/Range Analysis™ (MFRA™). Want to compare all 10 of those hill intervals to each other and look at them graphically? This is the place to do it. Want to compare one entire ride to another and see how the data compares visually? MFRA makes it happen.

Track progress
You can sort and filter workouts to compare details from past workouts to see how you are progressing. Quickly filter workouts on the Calendar for analysis of only that data on the Chalkboard. Discover the relationships between your data channels (power, pace, HR, etc.) with the Scatter Graph function.

Measure yourself against the best
Compare yourself against the best athletes in the world with the Power Profile, utilizing the very best data from professional athletes.