Newton 5/6 PowerStroke Upgrade Key

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Upgrade your Newton 5/6 Power Cycling Computer to Newton PowerStroke, described as "the best cycling data acquistion device in the world".

The PowerStroke Upgrade Package unlocks ALL of the incredible firmware features incorporated in Newton 5 technology.

Add world-class PowerStroke cycling measurements and exclusive insights to your Newton 5/6:

  1. Left-right, front-back, and side-to-side PowerStroke pedaling measurement
  2. Wind tunnel "CdA" measurement
  3. Coast-down measurement of CdA and Crr
  4. 4x ride memory
  5. Button control of Newton setup
  6. GPS-based Newton Tracker (requires iPhone or Android smartphone)


The PowerStroke Upgrade Package also includes all of the features included in the Newton Pro Upgrade Package:

  1. Indoor Trainer Capability
  2. Power Fitness (FTP) Test 
  3. Training Stress Score (TSS) display
  4. Normalized Power (NP) display
  5. Intensity Factor (IF) display
  6. Pre-programmed Cardiovascular Power Interval Workouts 
  7. Pre-programmed Strength Power Interval Workouts
  8. Pre-programmed Fat-burning Power Interval Workouts
  9. User-Programmed Power Interval Workouts 
  10. Recording and display of direct force power meter (DFPM) data


This upgrade requires Newton 5 or Newton 6 Power Cycling Computers having serial number xx xx xx 08 04 xx... ("xx" is a number)