Newton 5 upgrade key

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If you purchased Newton prior to October 2014, update it to latest-generation "Newton 5" performance!

For older-generation Newton owners, the Newton 5 Upgrade key adds five exclusive features that upgrade your Newton to incredible "Newton 5" performance:

1) User Configurable Screens

With the Newton 5 Upgrade key, one of our most-requested features is added to your Newton!  Use ISAAC 3.0 to select the fields you'd like to display on your Newton's screen; your Newton responds accordingly.  Simple, easy, personal...

2) Dynamic Power Smoothing

When you train with power you want your power display to show smooth numbers during long intervals, yet respond instantly to power surges when you sprint.  These two, seemingly contradictory demands are perfectly met by Dynamic Power Smoothing, an innovative feature exclusive to Newton 5.

Watch this video that shows how Dynamic Power Smoothing works, head-to-head against traditional power smoothing methods used by the Garmin 810:


3) Automatic Profile Selection

Automatic Profile Selection makes it brain-dead easy to move your Newton 5 from bike-to-bike.  No buttons to push, no "profile numbers" to remember.  The Newton 5 automatically figures out which bike you're just ride.  Watch APS in action in this short video:

4) Send Newton Power to ANT+ bike computer ("GT")

Own a Garmin or other ANT+ bike computer?  With Newton 5, your Newton power is transmitted automatically to any ANT+ bike computer!

5) Simplified Setup and Calibration

Newton 5 lets you select between good/better/best accuracy, with always-great power consistency!  Newton 5 makes using a power meter literally as simple as hopping on your bike and riding.  Or, refine your setup with ISAAC software, or dial-in your Newton for maximum accuracy with an optional Cal Ride.  The choice is yours!

ISAAC version 3.0 software is improved, too!

New, ISAAC 3.0 software was designed specifically for Newton 5.  With Newton 5 installed, you'll get access to all of ISAAC 3.0 innovations, including simplified setup and calibration, customized profile editing, user-configurable display screens, and more.

Newton 5 Upgrade Key is compatible with any iBike Newton manufactured prior to October 2014.

No matter which older-generation Newton you own, the Newton 5 upgrade key will give your unit state-of-the art performance.

NOTE: The Newton 5 upgrade key disables features exclusive to Zuuum power meters.  Please contact for additional details.

Newton 5 Upgrade Key is also compatible with almost all iBike Newton upgrades you have already installed

If you've already purchased other upgrade keys, such as Newton Tracker, Indoor Trainer, PowerStroke, and CdA, your Newton will continue to provide those features.

Newton 5 upgrade key does not support PowerPak upgrade features.  Please contact for additional details.


Once your Newton 5 upgrade key is installed, you'll have no-charge access to any future updates of FW 5.x.

How it works

After you purchase the Newton 5 upgrade, you'll get an email from us requesting the serial number of your Newton.  Once we get your serial number we will send your upgrade key.  Install Isaac 4.0 software, then install your Newton 5 key.   After your Newton 5 upgrade key is installed you will be able to download and install FW 5.0