CdA "Wind Tunnel" Upgrade Key

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It's like having a wind tunnel on your bike!

CdA Wind Tunnel firmware key adds Velocomp's exclusive power, aerodynamic (CdA) measurement and analysis capability to your PowerPod or Newton.


NOTE: CdA key requires use of a Direct Force Power Meter (DFPM).


Continuous Drag Coefficient **

Looking to establish your optimal combination of aerodynamic positioning and equipment to maximize power? Want to know instantly if you’re deviating from your optimum ride position?

When riding with PowerPod or Newton, and a DFPM installed on your bike, Newton will display instant, continuous aerodynamic drag coefficient feedback on your screen even while pedaling!

After the ride,both PowerPod and Newton CdA information can be reviewed in greater detail, using Isaac software.

Time Advantage **

How much time do you pick up when you go into a tuck?

How much time does it cost you when you sit up to drink?  

These are just some of the many questions that Velocomp's exclusive Time Advantage feature answers--answers that are included as part of the CdA key.

Time Advantage measures (in seconds) the cumulative amount of time you've gained (or lost) due to changes in your ride position or equipment during your solo ride and reports it in real time on your screen.

When riding with a Newton and DFPM, your Newton displays in real time, on your power screen, your actual Time Advantage on your Newton screen.

After the ride, Time Advantage information from PowerPod and Newton can be reviewed in greater detail, using Isaac software.


**Continuous Drag Coefficient and Time Advantage require the use of both Newton, and an approved ANT+, both-leg direct force power meter (DFPM).

How It Works

  1. Purchase the CdA/Wind Tunnel Upgrade Key
    2.In the “Special Instructions” part of the checkout process, include the serial number of your PowerPod or Newton.  Get your Device's serial number from Isaac software, using the menu command "Device/SN and FW Version".
    3. We’ll email you the CdA/Wind Tunnel upgrade key.
    4. Using Isaac, install the upgrade key in your PowerPod or Newton, using the Isaac menu command "Device/Unlock Feature..."
  2. Consult the CdA instruction manual, linked HERE, to learn how to use the CdA feature on your PowerPod or Newton