Newton Remote Wind Sensor

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Looking to get max performance from your power meter on a TT bike or road bike with clip-on aerobars? 

Or, do you ride often in the rain and want your Newton to function flawlessly even when it's pouring?

The Newton Remote Wind Sensor is the answer. 


The Newton RWS allows the air intake of the Newton to be placed anywhere on the bike's handlebars, out of the way of aero bars and TT water bottles. The RWS gives your Newton a clear access to the wind, allowing your Newton to get top-notch performance on any TT bike.  Additionally, it isolates the Newton's wind port from the effects of rain.


The  Newton Remote Wind Sensor includes:
1) Wind port connector
2) 24" of flexible tubing
3) Zip ties
4) Remote Air Intake Port
5) Installation and Usage Instructions