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Add power measurement to your Garmin, your iOS device or other ANT bike computer, without emptying your wallet! (Android functionality coming soon!)

Purchasing the optional BLE unlock key, available now as an initial bundle or later as a standalone purchase, will allow connection to your Cell Phone and any other BLE head unit.




The PowerPod power meter provides "gold-standard", both-leg power measurement to your Garmin or other ANT bike computer.   PowerPod incorporates technology that has been tested and proven with some of the top pro teams in the world.



You don't swap-out wheels, cranks or pedals, so installation is incredibly easy: 

1) Attach the PowerPod mount to your handlebars (or, with the optional Combo mount, directly beneath your Garmin!)

2) Pair the PowerPod to your bike computer's ANT speed or speed/cadence sensor

3) Pair your Garmin or other ANT bike computer to your PowerPod

Then, just ride!



The PowerPod has just one button and one "status light".  It is an absolute breeze to set up.

During riding your Garmin or ANT bike computer displays and records your power and other cycling measurements.

And, with Velocomp's free Isaac software for PC/Mac, you can also download your PowerPod ride file information to view power, wind speed, bike speed, elevation, slope, CdA, and more!



PowerPod offers reliable, consistent wattage reporting right out of the box for fitness seekers: just install it on your handlebar and ride! This initial accuracy exceeds heart rate and speed data for truly impactful and effective training.

Only those looking for high end cycling power meter level accuracy need calibrate the unit using Isaac Desktop, and in doing so they will gain accuracy on a par with power measurement systems that retail 8 or more times the value of PowerPod.  



Only PowerPod works with any pedals, cranks, and wheels, provides both-leg power measurement, and is as easy to move from bike to bike.

And no other power meter comes close to matching the $299 MSRP of PowerPod.

Add PowerStroke Upgrade and/or Combo Garmin/PowerPod Mount at checkout and save $10 on each!




PowerPod can be used on any bike, anywhere for fitness level training. That means you can take it with you on trips and use it on any bike you own. Just install a Velocomp mounting bracket to the bikie's handlebars and a speed sensor, and you are good to go!






At Power Meter level accuracy, PowerPod can be configured for up to four different, unsuspended or lockout equipped suspension bikes. PowerPods smart programming will automatically identify which bike it is on and switch profiles for you!



If you are a fitness seeker or beginner power user, the info above is all you need to achieve your goals. However, if you are an advanced cyclist looking for analysis technology beyond what strain gauge power meters can deliver, read on!

Out of the box, PowerPod is the market's most affordable and reliable power meter. Don't just ask us - see that the press is saying (links at the end of this page). Because a power number is only one of a whole list of factors that define cycling performance, software upgrades allow the following, exclusive functions to be unlocked for those looking to increase their cycling performance even more:

  • Isaac Desktop (Free download) is a bike analysis program that scales itself to each and every individuals users needs. For beginners, it will show Power, Speed, and Elevation of your ride (plus heart rate and cadence, if you have those non-required sensors). For advanced users, it shows your gear roll-out, your wheel and wind speed, your braking/freewheeling/pedalling/sprinting behaviour, your riding efficiency and lots, lots more!
  • Purchasing the Bluetooth unlock key gives access to Professional level Power based training through the PowerHouse Bike app (free download) offering training plans designed by Tour de France and Olympic athlete veteran coach, Hunter Allen. (iOS launch 4/17, Android 5/17).
  • Purchasing PowerStroke(tm) analysis allows users to save more time than most Aero Wheelsets will give the average rider, by training you to not just pedal smoothly, but to counterbalance effectively and handle your bike efficiently. Did you know rough bike handling is akin to carrying a few extra pounds up each and every climb? PowerPod and Powerstroke together are a bargain at less than 15% the value of good aero wheelsets!
  • Velocomp will soon launch its real world wind tunnel function for the PowerPod, allowing users who own a classic strain gaustrain-gaugeer to access Macro-CdA analysis through which they will understand the impact of cloting, wheelsets, bike fit, as well as riding behavior, on their aerodynamics.



Ride Smarter, not just harder.

If Power is all you want, PowerPod has all you need when you pull it out of the box. However, if you want it to, PowerPod can be so much more than just a power meter. PowerPod turns every single thing you feel while riding: the wind on your face, the roughness of the road, the incline you are riding up, the surges of acceleration or braking you do while riding, into a rich, full suite of analysis capabilities. For advanced users, PowerPod will help you bring your awareness to a new, bigger picture level - making you a smarter, stronger, more capable cyclist. 

 Powerstroke Analysis Upgrade

Using the accelerometer suite explained above, PowerPod allows you to understand and optimize the efficiency of your bike handling during pedalling. An inefficient cyclist can easily waste 15W of energy swerving and counterbalancing during their rides. That type of waste quickly adds up to minutes lost on any important segment or split you ride. Let's compare two cyclists to show how important an efficient handling style is during cycling:

There's more to Powerstroke than just riding efficiency, though. It can be used to evaluate the riding efficiency impact of a bike fit change, allowing you to ensure that you do not just find a fit that feels more comfortable - but one that is markedly more efficient.


PowerPod as a standalone product is a full-picture power, technique and efficiency analysis product that helps you maximise every single aspect of your cycling performance. With PowerPod, you don't just know how much power you generate: Know where that power goes!

But when you add a classic power meter to the mix PowerPod takes another leap forward. PowerPod can then give Macro-CdA(tm) analysis. You gain extra riding efficiency insight with Continuous CdA(tm), making your bike a genuine Real World Wind Tunnel(tm). Don't just take the Aero driven marketing for granted. With PowerPod you can quantify the real world impact of fit, wheels, clothing, and more tweaks have on your performance. 




PowerPod's rich, full-picture cycling analysis will allow any performance minded rider to take huge leaps ahead in their cycling technique, awareness and ability to optimise their bike. See the table below for the huge reach of informed decisions and behaviours, PowerPod will help you achieve:




Tests at activity tracker accuracy level:

  • The Chain Link: "...So what’s the verdict on this thing? Is it possible to get good power data for less than half the cost of the next thing on the market? Yeah, sure. The PowerPod proved to be a consistent (and surprisingly durable) performer in a variety of conditions, some of which it was never intended for..." http://www.thechainlink.org/page/product-review-powerpod-power-meter
  • The 5k runner"...considerably cheaper than a direct force power meter and easily swappable between bikes.....Perfect for the beginner and multi-bike owner. Perfect for the expert too. … you can work out how to tweak your riding position if you think about it. Cool."  https://the5krunner.com/2016/11/17/1-minute-review-velocomp-powerpod-power-meter-ant-ble/
  • SLO cyclist: "Upsides: Seriously inexpensive in comparison to other power meters, and easy to swap between bikes–especially if you’ve got two mounts. Power readings are consistent from ride to ride as long as you properly calibrate the unit with a warm-up ride. The Isaac software complements the PowerPod and gives you a ridiculous amount of analysis opportunities." http://www.slocyclist.com/powerpod-review-cheap-power-meter-that-performs/ 
  • The Happy athlete: “5* for Price, Performance, Ease of use and Effectiveness!... The PowerPod is an excellent, affordable, accurate power meter that is simple to install and use and is one of my Top products for 2016. http://www.thehappyathlete.net/product-reviews/bikes-gear/powerpod-review/  
  • BikeWorldNews: "Velocomp PowerPod: Power data on a budget"    "..There are a lot of benefits to this kind of a power meter. There is no complicated installation, just install the mount and install the PowerPod onto the mount. All of that took maybe 5 minutes. Once that’s done, you can swap it from bike to bike ... the PowerPod detects what speed sensor you are using, and if it is not the last one used, will automatically calibrate in the first minute or two. "   https://www.bikeworldnews.com/2016/10/14/velocomp-powerpod-power-data-budget/ 
  • Flatslowtriathlete: “I played around with cadence, mashing, spinning to see how it effected and they all seemed to correspond. The result? I was much worse than even I thought I was… After I got home I decided to compare to the power I could generate on Zwift… The result? Almost exactly the same amount of average and normalized power over the same course. I’ll count that as accurate.” http://fatslowtriathlete.com/2016/08/31/product-review-powerpod-power-meter/

Tests at Power Meter calibration level:

  • BikeWorldNews.com What it measures: Above and beyond power, the PowerPod ... measures the motion of the bike and can provide efficiency metrics for...  [aerodynamic] and drag. It can go as far as showing you data on how braking and handling affected your efficiency. Real world usage: The expanded data can be useful in reviewing ... much efficiency is lost. You can use it to tweak your bike fit to see changes affect your efficiency. The CdA (drag) numbers can help show you real world aerodynamics information that was previously only found in the wind tunnel. Who can benefit: Any cyclist or triathlete looking to improve their efficiency."  https://www.bikeworldnews.com/2017/07/19/collecting-new-types-of-data-to-become-a-better-athlete/
  • Best of life magazine  "I’m a 47-year-old IT manager. I spend my days in meetings and over two hours a day in the car commuting. I hadn’t seriously ridden any significant mileage in over two years... Prior to the PowerPod, I didn’t know a lot about power, wattage, or other similar data points... I snuck in 6 rides with the PowerPod. After each one... I made changes to my riding style, some based on this data, others based on getting back into a groove.... Of note here is a 2 mile per hour increase in my average speed. I felt more powerful...  My legs are back and my lungs are nearly back.  ...I am very pleased with the PowerPod. It offers me insights into my rides I didn’t have before. I’m learning more with each ride, and I find myself competing against the little black device secured to my handlebars. Will it know I coasted here? Did it see me take a break? Could I work harder? Yes. Yes. Yes".
  • Roadbikerider.com  "... Truly Powerful! ... with the PowerPod priced at $299, the others must reduce their prices by at least another 50% more to even get close ...a single-leg DFPM can be way off from actual total power. The way PowerPod’s algorithms work make it much closer to what a dual-leg power meter would indicate” https://roadbikerider.com/latest-rbr-newsletter-2017/272-issue-no-754/2742-velocomp-powerpod
  • Biketestreviews "PowerPod is simple to use and [would be] a bargain at even twice the price. Highly recommended - A true 5/5 star rating!" http://biketestreviews.com/velocomp-powerpod-power-meter/
  • DC Rainmaker: "Overall, I’ve found that the PowerPod can be solidly accurate in most situations, assuming you are aware of the limitations – or aware of changes to configuration that could impact it.  Further, it’s ability to seemingly ‘heal’ itself does act as a bit of a safety net should the aerodynamic profile change significantly enough to otherwise impact power readers.  I’d sum it up as: If you do a clean calibration ride – things are impressively accurate across a wide range of riding environments and positions." https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2016/03/powerpod-depth-review.html
  • VeloUk: "It’s all the craze these days – watts ... but getting them on the screen... can be an expensive business. ...if you could see how many watts you were producing across all your bikes and for less than £300, would that be tempting? [PowerPod is] an electronic piece of wizardry that attaches to your handlebars... and takes its data and displays it in your Garmin or other ANT+ bike computer. Powerpod can also be used in conjunction with a long list of turbo trainers and rollers. Is it accurate? – [DC Rainmaker] thinks so…" https://www.velouk.net/2017/06/14/bikekit-powerpod/
  • Pedalnorth.com:  "As a non-pro cyclist who is performance-driven but also has to pay the bills ... I could only dream of training to power. Whilst ... I knew the benefit of it, I never considered ... a power meter due to the hefty price tag they come at. A ... colleague told me about PowerPod and I thought that could be a good option for me... ...I did a training camp in Mallorca, and it was my first time properly testing the pod... next to people with other power meters. I was really happy to see the accuracy of it against other more expensive power meters. ...I feel that I benefitted a lot from having PowerPod, my training was more specific and I was much more aware of my limits power-wise. I would highly recommend investing in it, if you plan to take your training to another level. http://www.pedalnorth.com/content/powerpod



PowerPod sensor

PowerPod handlebar mount for 31.8 round handlebars

USB charging cable (attach to computer or USB charger) 


USB charger, ANT speed or speed/cadence sensor, and ANT bike computer are not included. An ANT+ speed sensor is required for the PowerPod to function. 

NOTE: International shipments may be subject to additional duty/VAT, collected locally and not included in the shipping charge.


NOTE: PowerPod is incompatible with the following speed sensors:

  • Garmin GSC-10
  • Giant Ridesense
  • Velocomputer