GPS Tracker Upgrade Key

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Add GPS to your AeroPod, PowerPod or Newton!



If you ride with a smartphone (iPhone or Android) it’s easy to automatically add GPS data to your AeroPod, PowerPod or Newton ride file, and upload your rides to STRAVA.


Install the GPS Tracker key in your AeroPod/PowerPod/Newton, and install the Velocomp Tracker app on your iOS/Android smartphone. You'll then see your ride data overlayed with your route in Google Earth, in Isaac software, and in your Strava uploads.


Smartphone battery life is great, too--with the Tracker app running in your smartphone's background, you'll get more than 10 hours of ride time.


How It Works


1. Purchase the GPS Tracker Upgrade Key.

2. In the “Special Instructions” part of the checkout process, include the serial number of your AeroPod/PowerPod/Newton.  Get your serial number from Isaac software, using the menu command "Device/SN and FW Version".

3. We’ll email you the GPS Tracker Upgrade Key.

4. Using Isaac, install the upgrade key in your AeroPod/PowerPod/Newton, using the Isaac menu command "Device/Unlock Feature..."

5. Using Isaac, create a GPS Tracker account through "Device/GPS Tracker Login-Register"

6.For Apple iOS, download the Velocomp Tracker app from Apple App Store.  

7. For Android, email to obtain the Tracker app for Android.

8. Use your Tracker app on your smartphone to login to your GPS Tracker account.  You're ready to ride!


Using GPS Tracker on your rides

1. Start the Tracker app and click "Ride".  

2. Slip your smartphone into the back pocket of your jersey.

3. When finished with your ride click "Done" on the Tracker app.  Your GPS data is uploaded automatically to the cloud.  

4. When you download your AeroPod/PowerPod/Newton ride data in Isaac, your GPS data is pulled from the cloud and is automatically added to your ride file!

5. Click the Google Earth icon in Isaac, and you'll view your GPS and AeroPod/PowerPod/Newton data together!