PowerPod Lite to PowerPod unlock key

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This key turns PowerPod Lite into a full-featured PowerPod power meter with performance features identical to PowerPod V3.  

 After installing the key in your PowerPod Lite you'll have:

1) Access to all four profiles

2) Full ride file recording and downloading capabilities

3) Full use of PowerPod bluetooth capabilities

4) Automatic profile switching between four bikes

5) Full access to Isaac software analysis features

6) Ability to direct-upload to Strava

7) Access to optional PowerStroke upgrade

8) Use of PowerHouse training app

9) Access to optional Velocomp Tracker GPS app for iOS, and Newton Tracker app for Android

10) Access to firmware upgrades and features for PowerPod BLE devices

Here's how the upgrade process works:

1. Purchase the upgrade key

2. You will receive an email from Velocomp, instructing you how to use Isaac software to find the serial number stored in your PowerPod device.  

3.  You email to Velocomp the serial number of your device.

3. After receiving your serial number Velocomp will send you another email, with your individual upgrade key included as an attachment.  The email will tell you how to use Isaac software to install the key permanently into your device's memory.

4.  Once the key is installed, your device will be upgraded permanently to have all the features described above